Cortland Community Library Board
Place: Cortland Community Library
September 20, 2011

Members present: Mary M. Benson, Maxine Divine, Christine Ferguson, Harlan Hawkins, and Library Director Barb Coward

The meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm. The Minutes were read and accepted as corrected. Motion by Christine and seconded by Mary.

Harlan Hawkins moved to “approve payment of bills and ask Mrs. Kramer to correct the
August Treasurer’s report for the next meeting”. Mary Benson seconded the motion and all approved (Mr. Hawkins, Mrs. Divine, Mrs. Ferguson and Ms. Benson voting “yes”.)



Library planning was briefly discussed. There will be special sessions later this year to
clarify how the declining tax dollars should be spent in next year’s budget..

No citizens were present to be heard.

The Core Standards of Serving Our Public, Chapter 2 were discussed. Cortland Library is aware of these standards. Mrs. Kramer and Mrs. Mesjak have volunteered to work on revising policies. The staff has met to discuss a revision to the library mission statement which will be presented to the Board for discussion in October and possible approval in November.

The Per Capita Grant was signed by Mr. Hawkins. It will be sent in by Mrs. Coward.
Per Capita usually brings a $4000 check. This year’s check has not yet arrived, even though it is time to apply for next year’s Per Capita money from the State of Illinois.

The Book Club read The Devil in the White City. Library staff attempted to hold a program from the Chicago Architectural Association concerning the architecture of the White City (1893 Colombian Exposition), but none of their docents would travel out
so far from Chicago”. Mrs. Black has found information on the Internet to augment the usual Book Club discussion. The meeting will be in October.

Mrs. Coward reported on the LACONI workshop, “Lower Your Levy, Library”.
The program urged libraries to lower their levy as long as they had sufficient reserve funds for half a year’s financing and any capital emergencies (like a new roof or furnace).
Cortland Library does not have sufficient reserves.

Laura Mesjak, head of our Children’s Services. prepared a report and graphs about Summer Reading 2011. Three hundred sixty children participated. Even though the completion require two more weeks of reading (compared to 2010), the completion rate remained at 42%. One hundred one children were preschoolers. The two hundred sixty
four children in school attend 12 different schools, with 29 being Homeschooled students.

Parents who filled out an end of summer survey indicated that informal recognition by Library Staff was important to their families. People learned about Summer Reading
from Library Staff as well as fliers sent home from school.


The September 10th finance meeting at Sycamore Library was discussed by Mary Benson
and others. All attending agreed it had been a valuable presentation by Ancel Glink.

Mrs. Coward will attend the Illinois Library Association in October at Rosemont.

Mrs. Coward reported that children’s books have been purchased with funds from the Mary (Louise) Olsen Sterns Memorial. Four laptops are being purchased for the George Meyer Olsen Memorial. Cody will update our current public workstations so that all machines have the same software programs.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.

Respectfully submitted

Barb Coward (Secretary pro-tem)