Cortland Community Library Board
Place: Cortland Community Library
October 26, 2011

Present: Trustees Mary Benson, Martha Carter, Christine Ferguson, John Francisco, Maxine Divine & Harlan Hawkins.  Also present Barb Coward.
Absent: Carol Scidmore

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Harlan Hawkins. 

Maxine Divine moved to approve the revised August Treasurer's Report.  Second by Martha Carter.  Roll call vote and all approved.  Harlan Hawkins moved to approve the September Treasurer's Report.  Second by John Francisco.  Roll call vote and all approved.

Prior minutes (August & September) will be presented at the November meeting.



After discussion of a SWOT Analysis for planning, the Board decided to spend the first portion of the November meeting working on the SWOT process.  The Board will vote on the new mission statement in November.

No citizens were present.

Per Capita check has still not arrived.

Mrs. Coward signed a 5-year contract for fiber optic thru the DATA grant group.

The sign does need repairs to avoid radio interference issues.

Cortland Library now receives interlibrary loan delivery 5 days per week.

Budget discussions included the cost for candy.  After discussion it was decided that no candy will be purchased after January 1, 2012.

Mrs. Coward discussed the LACONI workshop about the levy.

Harlan Hawkins moved to approve the levy of $265,000 for FY 2012-2013.  Mary Benson seconded the motion.  Roll call vote, all approved.

At the ILA Convention, Mrs. Coward learned that the law has changed and all trustees must pass the Open Meetings Act certification on Attorney General Lisa Madigan's website by January 2012.

During the Illinois Library Convention our library sponsored Lonnie Farr at the Illinois Author's Dinner.  She is the author of "Cooking with Sprit", which we have in the library.

Mrs. Coward attended several ILA workshops about "change".
Veteran's Day the library will be open and offer a program from the VFW.

Christine Ferguson moved to adjourn at 8:15.  Martha Carter seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Barb Coward (Secretary pro tem)